About Us

Varada Prakashan welcomes you to the unique platform where anyone can express their views in form of poetry , writings, articles, slogans, reviews etc.

Our Vision

We have a lucid yet clear vision- if you have anything to express, we are here for you. If you love reading and writing, this place is indeed a heaven for you. We dream to make a platform which can address all the needs of a writer- from publishing your work online to editing, cover designing, picture inserting and proof reading and sending you a hard bound book.

Even if you have no interest in writing, Varada Prakashan invites you to this community to lend a helping hand in editing, proof reading, writing consultancy, photography, graphic designers. Plus, GET PAID, for every service you render to us and the fellow members. Join your hands with us, and we will help you grip the entire globe within a few days.


About The Company

Varada Prakashan was established in the year 1974, We have Published more than 3000 titles. Will provide platform to the newcomers to publish their creations and also utilize the existing resources for their further evolution. We can also add a feather to the hat of established writers by adding to their business and their income simultaneously. Now forget about the fussy laws and printing-publishing issues-for we are here, working day and night to make your dream come true.